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2. international Conference Hot Sheet Metal Forming of High Performance Steel

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Oldenburg, M. (Hrsg.) Steinhoff, K. (Hrsg.) Prakash, P. (Hrsg.)
2. international Conference Hot Sheet Metal Forming of HIGH-Performence Steel June 15-17. 2009, Lulea, Sweden Proceedings

370 Seiten, m. zahlr. Abb., B/H 17 x 22 cm, Hard Cover

ISBN: 9783937524849
Verlag Wissenschaftliche Scripten

One may think that, after nearly three decades of research & development on hot sheet metal forming technology, all important issues that lie behind the superior crash performance and lightweight design of press hardened parts have already been investigated sufficiently. There are even some who, with respect to the increasing availability of cold-deformable steel grades with complex microstructure, consider this technology as transient and therefore regard further research & development as needless.

Reality looks different. Today, hot metal forming technology constitutes the most efficient technological route to achieving highest strength with corresponding high level of geometrical complexity and will undoubtedly strengthen its technological role in sheet metal forming drastically in the future. The ongoing trend towards further system consolidation, especially for body-in-white structures with significantly higher functional integration on single component level, emphasises this strongly. Increasing demand for materials with greatly improved properties and efficient and predictable processes therefore stimulates intensive research in this field on an international level. A strong research community has already evolved constituting a driving force for innovation in hot sheet metal forming.

As the second in a series of international conventions, the 2nd International Conference on Hot Sheet Metal Forming of High-Performance Steel - CHS2 2009 therefore highlights multiple aspects from a scientific as well as an industrial viewpoint. The contributions presented during the course of this conference are collected in these proceedings.




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